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Joanne Woytek: Agencies Eye Government-Wide Vehicles to Understand Spending Data

money-graphGovernment agencies are increasingly looking to users of government-wide acquisition contracts such as the General Services Administration and NASA to see how those agencies met their procurement needs and made decisions, Federal News Radio reported Friday.

Joanne Woytek, a program manager of NASA’s Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement, told Federal News Radio she believes this move is a “a sign of maturity” in understanding procurement data.

Miller reports Woytek and other officials spoke at the 2014 Acquisition Excellence conference to discuss the need for such data in order to make informed procurement decisions focused on outcomes.

This change of focus has led to efforts in establishing standards for the data, the report said.

“There was a legislative requirement that OMB worked to develop contract writing system data standards,” said Karen Pica, a management analyst at the Office of Federal Procurement Policy.

“What that means is purchasing requests, receiving reports invoice standards and then standards around contracts themselves, as well as a requirement to put together a prices paid portal,” she added.

Pricing or spending data has been the focus of several government websites such as the Treasury‘s USASpending.gov, GSA’s StrategicSourcing.gov and OFPP’s Prices Paid Portal.

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