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Charlie Allen: New Clearance Investigation System Could Streamline ‘Whole Person’ Process

cybersecurityThe Intelligence and National Security Alliance has proposed the government create a system to periodically check the credentials of people that hold security clearances.

In the organization’s new white paper written by the Security Reform Policy Council, the INSA recommends the government and industry to collaborate in developing the system with emerging technologies.

Such a system should address the regularity and conistency of clearance reinvestigations, as well as the relevance and accuracy of data collection and analysis, the INSA said Thursday.

Charlie Allen, INSA senior intelligence advisor and SPRC chair, said a refreshed investigation system could streamline the “whole person” adjudication process.

“An improved system would provide better quality investigations, more detailed and deeper analysis of individuals in the system and real-time evaluations of security clearance holders,” he said.

The INSA says a new system should also address the portability of clearance holder data.

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