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DOE to Study the Potential of Oil Export Policy Reform; Adam Sieminski Comments

Energy DepartmentThe Energy Department is analyzing the potential of crude oil export policy reform, as an increase in U.S. oil production has led oil companies and some lawmakers to push for a change in current restrictions, National Journal reported Tuesday.

Adam Sieminski, head of the Energy Information Administration, said there are plans to release a series of reports analyzing the effect of oil exports on refining, infrastructure, production and transportation, writes Ben Geman.

Sieminski spoke at the recent IHS CERAWeek conference about writing reports to guide policymakers on the issue of crude oil exports.

EIA is the independent statistical analysis unit of DOE, which does not create policy but intends to assist policymakers in the analysis of related information.

Lawmakers including Sen. Lisa Murkowski and companies such as Exxon and Chevron are supporting an ease of the restrictions set in the 1970s on the amount of crude oil that can be exported.

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