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Ernest Moniz: New Natural Gas Exports Laws Could Help Ukraine in the Long Term

Ernest Moniz
Ernest Moniz

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz has suggested Congress pass legislation as one way to help Ukraine overcome long-term issues with its energy supply, Politico reported Wednesday.

Darren Goode and Matt Daily write that members from both chambers of Congress are busy drafting proposals to expedite oil exports to Europe and any impact on the Crimean region would not be immediate.

The report notes that the infrastructure needed to convert oil into usable energy does not yet exist in Ukraine.

Croatia and Lithuania are building regasification facilities to convert the super-cooled liquefied fuel but Moniz said energizing Europe is not a current U.S. capability.

“The fact is it’s just physically not going to happen,” he told Politico.

DOE has approved the construction of five plants dedicated to producing liquefied natural gas for export, but the closest to completion would only be online as early as 2015.

Current laws do not give agency control over the destination of gas exports, one important topic the secretary said he could bring to lawmakers.


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