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GAO: Agencies Rescoped, Delayed Contracts Under FY 2013 Sequester

ContractSigningMany agencies rescoped or delayed contracts or grants during fiscal year 2013 due to sequestration and seven said they had to furlough at least 770,000 employees for between one and seven days, a new Government Accountability Office report says.

Contracts for information technology services were affected at 18 out of 23 agencies GAO evaluated, while 19 agencies had to change or delay contracts for program management and support services, GAO said in the report released Thursday.

Fifteen agencies reported that they either revised planned maintenance and repair work or delayed those tasks until a future fiscal year.

Auditors found 16 agencies either canceled or rescoped grants related to mission activities and many scaled back their grants to states, localities, nonprofit organizations and others.

GAO also found 19 agencies that reported hiring reductions, 19 that scaled back employee training and 20 that reduced employee travel.

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