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Kristyn Jones: Army Seeks to Draw Lessons From Marine Corps Ahead of Audit

ContractSigningThe U.S. Army worked to implement information technology systems with controls that auditors believe will work as the branch prepares to go through an audit ahead of its goal to have audit-ready statements by 2017, Federal News Radio reported Thursday.

Jared Serbu writes that the Army is preparing to submit its current-year statement of budgetary resources to external auditors.

Kristyn Jones, deputy Army assistant secretary for financial information management, told an AFCEA conference in Tysons Corner, Va. Tuesday that the branch looked at how the Marine Corps worked to pass an audit earlier this year.

Jones said the Army deployed a new enterprise resource planning system and the General Fund Enterprise Business System, as well as worked with accounting firms to prepare for the audit.

“One of the key things the controls in our ERP systems will do is to reduce the number of samples we have to give to our auditors,” she said, according to the report.

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