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Michel Verbist: Orange SA Unit to Support EU-Backed Cloud Shipping Mgmt Project

cloudAn Orange S.A. division has signed up for an EU-sponsored program with the goal of developing information technology standards and business management tools for the shipping industry.

Through the EIS program, Orange Business Services aims to build a satellite communications system with cloud technology for shipping companies to manage both sea- and land-based operations, the company said Thursday.

The initiative is backed by the European Regional Development Fund and the government of Hamburg, Germany.

“With the new cloud-based platform in this project, we can demonstrate how improved communication between vessels and their management will streamline business tools and decisions,” said Michel Verbist, Orange Business Services’ head of international business development for satellite services.

Orange will collaborate with Columbia Ship Management to help ship operators implement the platform.

The infrastructure will comprise of communications hardware, traffic management tools and an onshore data center, according to Orange.

Other EIS consortium partners include Humance Maritime Services GmbH, MarDynamics, Portal Systems, DNV/GL Group and evidanza AG.

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