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Roger Hockenberry: Intell Community Continues to Mull Structuring Big Data

american flagRoger Hockenberry, formerly a chief technology officer at the CIA, has highlighted structuring information as a main big data issue facing the intelligence community, FCW reported Thursday.

“Our data is always fragmented, and we’re trying to make sense of fragmented data options, which is extremely difficult,” Hockenberry, now a private consultant, told participants at a recent Symantec Government Symposium in Washington, according to FCW.

Frank Konkel writes that agencies in the information-gathering business get their data sets from different sources in a variety of formats.

Hockenberry said that for the most part, the IC has mastered the collection and analysis aspects of the job, noting the speed at which they analyze information.

“How we analyze every piece of data, how we reprocess it to continue to make better sense of what is going on—that is the biggest we have, especially when we can’t get complete databases,” he said at the panel discussion.

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