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Shell Technology Ventures’ Rebecca Taylor on Helping the State Department Work with Start Ups

computer-technologyEntrepreneur Rebecca Taylor recently spent three years working within the U.S. State Department to overcome challenges that were limiting how well the department was able to capitalize on the talent and resources of American start ups and entrepreneurs.

Taylor told J.D. Harrison of the Washington Post that a large issue was that quick-changing start ups do not have the same ability as larger players to wait out a contract budgeting, proposal, bidding and award process that in some cases can take two or more years.

The Shell Technology Ventures Partner told the publication that over her time with the State Department, she helped put in place programs that aim to better the department’s ability to work with start ups, “each aimed at identifying new opportunities to work with early-stage companies and unearth promising new technologies,” the report said.

And the benefits help the department’s international capabilities.

“The embassy in Zimbabwe can now describe the technology they are looking for in that country and find start-ups that have those capabilities,” Taylor said.

Click here to learn more about the programs she helped bring into practice here.

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