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White House: Agencies Should Have Continuous Evaluation of Clearance Holders

WhiteHouseThe White House has released a report that recommends agencies implement continuous evaluation of government employees and contractors that hold security clearances, FCW reported Tuesday.

Continuous evaluation is intended to monitor cleared personnel in between the initial clearance and scheduled reinvestigation.

According to FCW, such an evaluation could examine information such as financial troubles and arrests to determine if a clearance should either be suspended or revoked.

The report said adopting the new process will require agencies to update information technology systems for collecting, storing and sharing of data.

Such systems would focus on providing government-wide, real-time, electronic access to investigation and clearance records and establishing a new case management system, FCW reports.

The White House has also proposed the creation of an information pipeline between clearance investigators and law enforcement, reduction of secret and top secret security clearances and standards, as well as information sources used in background and database checks.

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