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Buck Hamilton: DHS Calls for Oilfield Cyber Risk Assessment

cybersecurityThe Department of Homeland Security is calling for the public and private sectors to assess potential cyber threats against oilfield infrastructures located in the Permian Basin, Government Technology reported Wednesday.

Corey Paul writes that Buck Hamilton, a DHS protective security adviser, urged government and industry partners to support the agency’s Regional Resiliency Assessment Program at a meeting organized by the Permian Basin Regional Planning Commission.

DHS seeks to identify and address potential cyber vulnerabilities within a specific geographic area through the program, according to the report.

“Based upon the booming oil industry we have here and the fact that we are pumping more oil than we have in decades and how important it is to the nation’s economy overall, there’s probably a good chance that it would get picked up,” Hamilton told his audience, the report says.

Hamilton said the evaluation can last up to eight weeks and will involve a team of cyber professionals who will search for security flaws in the systems of oil drilling and pipeline companies, Paul reports.

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