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DARPA Unveils Aircraft Automation Tech Program; Daniel Patt Comments

DARPAThe Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has launched a program that seeks to address the operational and workload challenges to automation of military aircraft systems.

DARPA said Friday the Aircrew Labor In-Cockpit Automation System program is designed to leverage remotely piloted aircraft automation technology to develop a portable system that can be tailored to different missions.

“Our goal is to design and develop a full-time automated assistant that could be rapidly adapted to help operate diverse aircraft through an easy-to-use operator interface,” said Daniel Patt, DARPA’s program manager for ALIAS.

“These capabilities could help transform the role of pilot from a systems operator to a mission supervisor directing intermeshed, trusted, reliable systems at a high level.”

The portable ALIAS kit, featuring persistent state monitoring and rapid procedure recall capabilities and touch and voice interfaces, is expected to enable mission continuity and operator-ALIAS connectivity.

A Proposers’ Day has been scheduled to accommodate potential program participants on May 14.

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