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DoD: Military Faces $66B in FY 2015 Procurement, Research Funding Cuts Under Sequester

BudgetA new report from the Defense Department says the military would reduce its procurement and research funding by $66 billion in fiscal year 2015 if sequestration cuts remain in place.

The report details DoD’s estimates of impacts on military forces and their modernization and readiness strategies under the sequester, the Pentagon said Tuesday.

DoD projects the Army would have its active duty forces reduced to 420,000 and the Marine Corps to 175,000.

The Navy would have to mothball 6 destroyers and reduce its aircraft carrier fleet to 10 after retiring one ship to comply with sequestration cuts, the Pentagon said.

All services would see their Joint Strike Fighter buys reduced by 17 jets, KC-46 tanker acquisitions by five planes and P-8A Poseidon purchases by six aircraft.

DoD also said the military would buy eight fewer ships in years beyond fiscal 2016 and delay delivery of the future USS John F. Kennedy carrier by two years.

The ship buy reductions would include one less Virginia-class submarine and three fewer Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, the Pentagon said.

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