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FBI Urges Health Sector to be Vigilant Of Cyber Threats

CyberCrimeKeyboardThe FBI has issued a notice to alert healthcare providers about the potential vulnerability of their information technology systems to hackers, Reuters reported Wednesday.

Jim Finkle writes that the FBI told the sector’s computer systems are at greater risk of cyber intrusions than the retail and financial services industries.

The bureau advised medical organizations to report any suspicious activity and security incidents to the agency’s Cyber Watch team, according to Finkle.

“The healthcare industry is not as resilient to cyber intrusions compared to the financial and retail sectors, therefore the possibility of increased cyber intrusions is likely,” the FBI told healthcare providers.

Reuters reports that health records are more valuable for hackers because the data can be used to acquire prescriptions or access bank accounts.

The FBI also cited a recent SANS Institute research that found hundreds of cyberattacks on healthcare routers, firewalls, radiology imaging programs and video conferencing systems, according to Finkle.

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