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GAO Report: Air Force Must Improve Morale of Drone Pilots

droneThe Government Accountability Office has released a report detailing the unhappy morale of U.S. Air Force drone pilots and suggestions to better retain qualified candidates, DefenseNews wrote Wednesday.

Brian Everstine writes that as a result of the study, the Air Force will change how it recruits and retains pilots but won’t use enlisted personnel to fly the drones.

“Without developing an approach to recruiting and retaining [remotely piloted aircraft] pilots and evaluating the viability of using alternative personnel populations for the RPA pilot career, the Air Force may continue to face challenges, further exacerbating existing shortfalls of RPA pilots,” according to the Government Accountability Office’s report that was reported on by DefenseNews.

As part of the study, the GAO spoke to focus groups at three Air Force bases who talked about various issues in piloting drones.

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