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Intel to Examine Methods for Open Data Economy Growth; Brandon Barnett Comments

Brandon Barnett
Brandon Barnett

Intel has started to explore ways for the private sector to help grow the open data economy through a project incubator initiative, FCW reported Friday.

Adam Mazmanian writes the company’s research division is looking at six projects under its Data Services Accelerator, under which all projects use data and crowdsourcing for work to solve a social problem or business obstacle.

“Part of our interest is shifting the focus from what is the value imbedded and inherent in these large data sets, to how do those data sets contribute to a very contextualized applications of people in communities facing problems,” said Brandon Barnett, director of business innovation at Intel Labs.

Barnett suggested a possible future where the private sector releases data to serve other applications but said the journey to get there would be a challenge.

“Currently the industry is set up that data is viewed as proprietary and mined for insights,” he said.

“What we’re trying to show in the Data Services Accelerator is that there’s another model, one that lends itself toward sharing and open data.”

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