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Ben Fitzgerald: Cyber Data Mgmt Is Vital On Urban Battlefield

ArmyChopperModern warfare experts believe that digital communications management should be an integral part of cyber efforts during urban combat missions and be extended to front-line units, Breaking Defense reported Tuesday.

Sydney Freedberg Jr. writes that technical and legal  authorities for the military’s cyber activities are largely concentrated in the Pentagon, rather than distributed along forward-deployed forces.

“In the future, commanders need to be cognizant and aware of that information wake around them — hence the value of cyber,” Michael Macedonia, a digital technology expert, told Freedberg in an interview.

The Army War College will hold a war-game in August to prepare soldiers for tactical operations in a mega-city, high-tech environment.

Megacities refer to urban locations with more than 10 million inhabitants such as the cities of Karachi, Pakistan and Lagos, Nigeria.

“You want riflemen to be looking at people, to be looking at the environment,” said Ben Fitzgerald, a program director at the Center for a New American Security, according to the article.

“We’re going to need to have battle managers, people who can provide information management,” Fitzgerald added, according to Freedberg’s article.

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