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Brian Dravis: Pentagon’s Technical Blueprint for Shared Data Network Coming By Year’s End

Brig. Gen. Brian Dravis

The Defense Information Systems Agency is preparing a set of architecture and engineering design specifications for a joint information technology infrastructure among the military branches, Federal News Radio reported Tuesday.

Jared Serbu writes that Brig. Gen. Brian Dravis, director of DISA’s Joint Technical Synchronization Office, expects the technical blueprint for the Joint Information Network to be ready by the end of this year.

Dravis said the Pentagon has approved 42 percent of the initial JIE baseline standards and could approve another 50 percent soon, according to Serbu

The Army and Air Force have moved to adopt the JIE framework by agreeing to co-build regional security stacks with multi-protocol label switching routers.

“They are literally doing the iron on the ground piece that’s so meaningful in the advancement of the JIE initiative, and we also owe a lot of thanks to all of the folks that surged to the JTSO to put together the integrated design teams,” Dravis added, according to the station.

cybersecurityDave Stickley, director of DISA’s JIE implementation office, told the station that the Pentagon wants to roll out the JIE program on a global basis.

The Pentagon recently opened an enterprise operation center in Germany that works to manage IT operations across the U.S. European Command.

“We’ve got seven bases coming online within the next 30 to 60 days, we’ve built up a core data center in Europe, and our Stuttgart facility has been virtually expanded into Wiesbaden,” Stickley added, according to Serbu’s article.

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