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CenturyLink VP David Mahon Talks Cybersecurity During Senate Subcommittee Hearing

cybersecurityDavid Mahon, vice president and chief security officer at CenturyLink, has called for more public-private initiatives to thwart cyber crime at a hearing before the Senate Appropriations Committee’s homeland security subcommittee.

Mahon told senators Wednesday that government and industry should continue to form partnerships and exchange data to help organizations address targeted attacks, CenturyLink said Wednesday.

He also urged Congress to increase funding for cybersecurity programs, including the Enhanced Cybersecurity Services and Einstein 3 Accelerated projects.

“We believe the fiscal year 2015 federal budget offers significant opportunities to strengthen our nation’s cyber defenses,” Mahon told the Senate subcommittee.

CenturyLink is working with the Department of Homeland Security to secure government-run information technology networks and critical infrastructures under the ECS and E3A programs.

“We also urge Congress and DHS to place a renewed emphasis on workforce development in the cyber arena and to continue to invest in research and development for new cybersecurity technologies,” Mahon added.

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