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DARPA Demos Tech Projects for DoD Officials; Dan Kaufman Comments

DARPAThe Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency showcased more than 100 of its latest technology projects for Defense Department officials and government contractors, according to GCN.

Kathleen Hickey writes that the event was the largest event to take place at the Pentagon and was the first to be hosted by DARPA’s Information Innovation Office (I2O) which focuses on the fields of information science and software.

“I2O’s mission is to ensure the safety and reliability of essential information technologies against the challenges we face today and also against those we can imagine well into the future,” said I2O Director Dan Kaufman.

According to the article, the projects were organized into four categories including cyber, big data, language and war-fighter applications.

“We help make the tools of the information revolution more powerful and useful, not just for those who ensure our security but also for the people and nation they protect,” Kaufman added.

Hickey writes that the demo day could start a trend that DARPA’s biotechnology, electronics and weapons and space divisions might follow.

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