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DNI James Clapper Touts Persistent Monitoring Tech for Intelligence Community

James Clapper
James Clapper

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said the government will soon have persistent monitoring technology available for intelligence agents using satellite platforms and other systems, Breaking Defense reported Thursday.

Colin Clark writes Clapper, addressing participants at the recently concluded 30th Space Symposium, described the coming technical upgrades as a game changer, with possible capabilities such as tasking a satellite to track assets or targets and detect meaningful and contextual shifts in behavior.

“We will have systems that are capable of persistence: staring at a place for an extended period of time to detect activity, to understand patterns of life, to warn us when a pattern is broken, when the abnormal happens and even to use (activity-based intelligence) methodologies to predict future actions,” the director said.

The technology will comprise a whole system of fully automated spy satellites and the ground systems that communicate with the satellites and command and control.

This year’s Space Foundation-led event was held in Colorado Springs with 9,000 in government and industry in attendance.

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