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FBI to Use Malware for Threat Intelligence Research

cybersecurityThe FBI is looking for a contractor to supply different types of executable malicious files that the bureau intends to use for its cybersecurity research activities, Nextgov reported Thursday.

Frank Konkel writes the FBI wants malware samples embedded in operating systems, PDF documents, spreadsheets, images and audiovisual records.

“The collection of malware from multiple industries, law enforcement and research sources is critical to the success of the FBIs mission to obtain global awareness of malware threat,” the agency said in a solicitation notice, according to Nextgov.

The supplier must provide the agency with up to 40 gigabytes of malware feeds daily through machine-to-machine communications,

FBI officials are also interested in acquiring URLs that lead a user to webpages that download malware onto the system.

The bureau intends to award a contract with one base year and four option years for the program.

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