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GAO: 18 Agencies Saw Cuts to Federal IT Contracts in FY 2013 Under Sequestration

ContractSigningA new Government Accountability Office study says many agencies either rescoped or delayed their information technology projects in order to meet sequestration requirements during fiscal year 2013, FCW reported Wednesday.

Reid Davenport writes that FY 2013 automatic budget cuts hit IT contract work at 18 federal agencies, while 19 agencies had to adjust program management and support service contracts due to sequester.

GAO also found that the Defense Department, National Science Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency and Social Security Administration did not reshape IT contracts amid spending cuts.

A $15 million cut in IT spending at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services hampered the agency’s system modernization efforts last year, according to FCW.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology shifted $20 million in funds to help offset sequestration’s impact on standards coordination, laboratory and special programs, Davenport writes.

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