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Obama’s Nuclear Security Project with Russia Faces House Republican Hurdle

Capitol_BuildingThe House Armed Services Committee is set to decide on a draft bill proposing to cancel funding for an ongoing U.S. nuclear security program in Russia amid the situation in Ukraine, National Journal reported Tuesday.

Douglas Guarino writes the draft defense authorization bill, if approved, would prevent the Energy Department from using a portion of the fiscal 2015 budget to finance contracts and technology transfer between the U.S. and Russia.

Dr. Ernest Moniz, the energy secretary, must first testify before the Congress that Moscow respects Ukraine’s sovereignty and that Russia follows the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty before the funds are released under the bill, according to the report.

The nuclear security work involves modernization efforts for the physical security of buildings that serve as storage facilities for nuclear materials, the report says.

Guarino writes the energy secretary previously suspended the work “in response to ongoing Russian aggression toward Ukraine.”

The House Armed Service Committee will to vote on the draft language on Wednesday, National Journal reports.

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