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Sen. Bob Corker: GOP-Controlled Congress in 2015 Could Halt Sequestration

Capitol_BuildingSen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) believes that a “grand bargain” on sequestration is possible if Republicans win majority control of the Senate and House in this year’s midterm elections, Defense News reported Thursday.

John Bennett writes that Corker forecasts that a Republican-controlled Congress in 2015 would open a window of opportunity for reviving negotiations to halt across-the-board automatic spending cuts.

“We’ve seen big things happen in the past when we’ve had divided government, where you saw problems that lingered and one side didn’t want to take the blame,” Corker said, according to Defense News.

“I really hold out hope that if we win the majority … we’ll have the opportunity and the environment will be right for a big solution to occur,” he added, according to Bennett’s report.

Republicans have been pushing for entitlement program reforms, but Democrats oppose the strategy to replace mandatory spending cuts.

Corker believes that dynamic could change if the GOP reclaim control of both chambers, Bennett writes.

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