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DEA Seeks Vendor to Manage Special Intell Division’s IT Systems

cybersecurityThe Drug Enforcement Administration is scouting for a contractor to perform operational and technical support work on information technology systems within DEA’s special intelligence division, Nextgov reported Tuesday.

Aliya Sternstein writes that duties will include analytics, storage, big data management and other IT services at the unit’s office in Fairfax, Va.

DEA wants an IT provider who can work to help the agency process, analyze and transfer large amounts of law enforcement data in various formats as well as link the intelligence office’s six operating environments, according to Sternstein’s article.

Nextgov reports the DEA contract would also require the selected company to provide hardware and software engineering support and maintain Windows, Linux and other existing systems.

DEA’s special intelligence unit has established a Document and Media Exploitation framework, or DOMEX, with the aim of managing records from multiple electronic devices.

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