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DoD Sees Progress in Health Record System Upgrade; Capt. John Windom Comments

Capt. John Windom, the Defense Department‘s Healthcare Management System Modernization Program manager, believes the department is nearing the development of a medical records system that leverages interoperability after releasing the third draft request for proposals.

Windom highlighted the importance of interoperability between DoD, Department of Veterans Affairs and civilian healthcare providers’ systems following established protocols, Jim Garamone posted Friday on the DoD website.

These agencies must be able to access and update the medical records of servicemen and their families as needed, a requirement indicated in the RFPs as the DoD seeks to clearly impart the program scope and answer industry queries as the program progresses, Garamone writes.

“In advance of the final RFP, which the offerors are going to be required to bid to, they understand the government’s requirements and acquisition approach, so it reduces ambiguity,” Windom said.

“It also ensures we are asking for something that is feasible.”

According to Windom, the final RFP is due late this fiscal year as the contract is expected to be awarded in fiscal 2015.

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