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Jon Davis: Pentagon Must Change IT Network Mgmt Approach

Jon Davis
Jon Davis

Jon Davis, former deputy commander of the U.S. Cyber Command, said Wednesday that military cyber networks must be considered as important as weapon systems, Defense Systems reported Thursday.

Joey Cheng writes that Davis told the audience at the annual Navy IT Day event Wednesday that existing information technology systems across the Pentagon are built by multiple vendors and not designed to operate together.

He believes the Pentagon needs to change its standards for network management and hold users accountable when it comes to system operation, according to Cheng’s article.

“If I am a Marine three-star lieutenant general and if I lose my pistol, I’ll get run out of the Marine Corps, publically,” Davis told the event audience, according to Defense Systems.

“If I am a Marine three-star that loses a thumb drive, well it’s just IT … we’re going to start treating this like a weapon system,” he added.

Cheng reports that Pentagon and CYBERCOM officials have been working together to develop joint requirements and train combatant units on cyber warfare as well as protect non-military infrastructures.

The department is conducting simulations to determine the amount of time decision-makers would need to mitigate the effects of a cyber attack, Cheng writes.

“The bottom line is, we want the authority, if these conditions are met, to act,” Davis added, according to Defense News.

“I think that there is a need for the nation to realize the nature of cyberspace and to basically have cyber legislation that’s out there so that we are able share stuff faster than a phone call — to be able to see, be able to react to it very, very quickly, at light speed if at all possible.”

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