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Legislators Call Attention to Possible Sequestration Effects

CapitolDomeLawmakers have expressed concern over the potential consequences of cuts to defense spending cuts and the ending of weapons procurement programs to the country’s military readiness and technical and industrial base, Defense News reported Tuesday.

John Bennett writes the House Armed Services Committee, in a note attached the the lower chamber’s version of the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act passed last month, said a provision in the legislation draws attention to sequestration’s potential to limit the number of viable suppliers.

The lawmakers believe the cuts could lead to lost opportunities and revenue for defense contractors, facility closures and forced consolidation, Defense News said.

The legislation urges the Pentagon secretary to “examine the impacts of such budget reductions as part of the department’s sector-by-sector, tier-by-tier review of the defense industrial base,” Bennett quotes the House report as stating.

Defense News reports the annual spending cuts to the defense budget could reach $45 billion.

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