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Mark Harnitchek: DLA Aims to Reduce Spending By $13B Through FY 2019

Mark Harnitchek
Mark Harnitchek

The Defense Logistics Agency will shrink its workforce and equipment inventory as part of a plan to save up to $13 billion by fiscal year 2019, the American Forces Press Service reported Thursday.

Jim Garamone writes that DLA has adopted a cost-saving measure  as the U.S. reduces the number of troops deployed in combat operations overseas.

“If the department’s budget is less by 30 percent, I have to be less by 30 percent,” DLA Director Mark Harnitchek said Thursday, according to AFPS.

“We have to be ready to significantly improve support at a whole lot less cost,” Harnitchek added.

Garamone reports the DLA cut approximately $5 billion out of its $15 billion materiel collection and has reduced its warehouse space that is equivalent to 45 football fields over the past two years.

Harnitchek said the agency has seen its inventory efficiency increasing “because of the relentless focus on basic business ‘blocking and tackling’ and contract execution — buy enough, buy on time and make sure the contractor delivers,” according to AFPS.

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