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Rep. Mac Thornberry: Pentagon Contracting Data Report Details Cost Overruns

PentagonRep. Mac Thornberry, who leads the House’s acquisition reform initiative, has acknowledged a contracting data report from the office of Defense Undersecretary Frank Kendall, FCW reported Tuesday.

Sean Lyngaas writes Thornberry has been pushing for a data-driven approach to overhauling Pentagon’s process of purchasing weapon and information technology systems.

The report contains, among others, each of the service branch’s number of contracts with cost overruns, which prompted a congressional probe, according to the report.

“I think it is certainly helpful for Mr. Kendall’s office to accumulate data that can better inform the decisions that he and Congress make going forward,” Thornberry told FCW.

The legislator recently told the publication that he wanted to review the Defense Department’s incentive program for contract managers.

“I think it’s important also not to forget that we’re dealing with human beings in this process,” he told FCW.

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