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UPDATE: Expanded Inspection of Iran Nuclear Program Delayed to Early 2014

Nuclear powerplantOfficials with knowledge on the Iran deal have said expanded inspections of the country’s nuclear capabilities might be pushed to early 2014 as the verification plans have yet to be filed, Military Times reported.

Associated Press reporters George Jahn, John-Thor Dahlburg and Ali Akbar Dareini write that International Atomic Energy Agency head Yukiya Amano might submit the Iranian nuclear deal verification plans in January after the holiday season is over.

The IAEA oversees regular inspection of Iran’s programs and reports to the U.N. Security Council and a 35-nation board, the report said.

According to the article, the new agreement signed in Geneva on Sunday is intended to expand the monitoring scope of the agency in order to check if Iran’s nuclear program is used for scientific and medical purposes.

The inspectors are now allowed to visit Fordo and Natanz sites on a daily basis, track status of enriched uranium downgrade and have larger oversight in other areas, Military Times reports.

IAEA must conduct verification within a six-month time frame to begin sanctions relief, based on the report.

Jahn, Dahlburg, Dareini write Iran continues to deny the presence of a nuclear weapons program and Tehran refuses to give access to information related to the allegations.

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