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White House to Push For Transparency in Drone, Counterterror Work

Barack ObamaThe White House continues to push for increased transparency in the military, an initiative the Pentagon says has the support of lawmakers and government agencies, the Military Times reported Sunday.

Brian Everstine writes President Barack Obama emphasized work to publicly report international drone strikes and other actions included in the country’s counterterror activities.

“We must be more transparent about both the basis of our counterterrorism actions and the manner in which they are carried out,” Obama said in a West Point commencement speech last week.

“I will increasingly turn to our military to take the lead and provide information to the public about our efforts,” he added.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel made the same declaration to reporters on Wednesday and noted this initiative is on Obama’s agenda.

“We’re working with Congress on this, we’re working interagency on this, and that’s something as high a priority for the president as anything else,” Everstine quoted Hagel as saying.

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