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Ambit Group’s Bill Huggins: IT Strategies Must Align With Agency Mission

digital governmentBill Huggins, associate vice president at Ambit Group, proposed several strategies to help government chief information technology officers align IT programs with their agencies’ goals in a GovernmentCIO Magazine article published Tuesday.

Huggins believes that federal agencies where data delivery is a critical function must operate like a mission organization and remain agile in order to create better outcomes.

“To reinforce the mission, the bodies, boards and councils that oversee key IT management processes should have “front line” service deliverers as active members,” he wrote in the magazine.

He also advised agency IT leaders to develop security frameworks that will enable their organizations to balance mission and threat defense in the era of mobility and cloud computing.

Agency CIOs should also explore alternative staffing models to expose IT professionals to the mission environment and help them understand the right priorities.

“This contextual understanding will help integrate a “mission” mindset across the entire IT establishment, from the help desk to the development team and test lab to the requirements review board,” he stated.

Huggins added that IT departments should manage their infrastructure and request for budget as a mission function.

“Without control in resource decisions, the IT establishment loses the flexibility necessary to respond to changing mission requirements.”

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