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Department of the Army Seeks Info on Exam, Survey Applications

virtual trainingThe Department of the Army has sought information on commercial software applications to manage and administer online exams for students and survey campaigns.

The Army Contracting Command issued a sources sought notice on May 27 asking interested vendors to respond with an outline of their ideas to develop a Web-based Army exam and survey application that works with other training management systems.

Students will have access to online exams and surveys as part of their education and trainers will be able to extract question/answer combinations from other systems through the application, according to the Army.

Potential contractors will also design the tool for instructors to administer exams and surveys to students and for training managers to receive reports from a database containing student answers.

The Army also intends for the AESA to manage the lifecycle of exam content, content development, content testing, exam updating and student access to exams.

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