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Cyber Command Leads Exercise to Test Interagency Cybersecurity Coordination; Michael Rogers Comments

Navy Adm. Michael Rogers

The U.S. Cyber Command recently concluded the Cyber Guard 14-1 exercise in partnership with government, academia and industry to demonstrate operational coordination and information sharing between agencies in performing measures against domestic cyber incidents.

According to a Cybercom news release posted Thursday on the Defense Department website, participants used simulations of critical infrastructure networks to exercise protection, prevention, mitigation and recovery operations against cyber attacks.

“Citizens of our nation are counting on us to generate the necessary capacity and capability to meet the challenges of this problem set,” U.S. Navy Adm. Michael Rogers, Cybercom commander and NSA director, said during the exercise.

The National Guard, reserves and National Security Agency joined more than 500 participants at the two-week event held at the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

Highlighting the “whole-of-nation” effort, Cybercom indicated the different roles the agencies take in handling cyber incidents, led and coordinated by the Department of Homeland Security with support from DoD.

Their work is complemented by FBI and the Justice Department, which oversee the investigation and prosecution of cyber crimes and collection and dissemination of threat intelligence.

“Practicing as an interagency team is essential to ensure national response to cyber events produce results that are effective and efficient,” said Greg Touhill, deputy assistant secretary for cybersecurity operations and programs at DHS.

Touhill and other officials present during the exercise noted that it focuses on bolstering processes, understanding the agencies’ capabilities and authorities and developing partnerships with the private sector.

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