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U.S., India, Japan Kick Off Naval Exercises

U.S. Navy photo
U.S. Navy photo

The U.S., India and Japan will commence a six-day naval fleet exercise in the Pacific on Friday in a move to bolster the three nations’ military ties, Agence France Presse reported Thursday.

DK Sharma, Indian navy spokesperson, told AFP the Malabar Exercise off Japan’s southern coast would cover anti-piracy, anti-terrorism, humanitarian assistance and helicopter exercises.

Sharma said the exercises from July 25 to 30 include three Indian ships, a frigate, a destroyer and a supply ship; Japan’s US-2 search-and-rescue amphibious plane and P3C patrol plane and US 7th Fleet, according to the report.

He added that up to 800 Indian personnel and hundreds of Japanese crew members would participate in the drills, AFP reports.

The war game was opened in a ceremony at the Sasebo Naval Base in southern Japan on Thursday, the report says.

AFP reports the three nations intend to build up naval ties through the exercises amid growing territorial spats with China.

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