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Report: VA Reform, Defense Authorization, Appropriations Bills Face Delays in Congress

Capitol_BuildingCongress will likely have limited time to deliberate on the veterans affairs reform, defense authorization and appropriations bills as the mid-term elections draw near, Military Times reported Monday.

Leo Shane III writes that Congress will convene for only 28 days before the August break and have seven days to resume session in September and October prior to the November elections.

Legislators could pass the VA reform bill in July to open private care services for veterans in the waiting list of VA sessions, according to the report.

Military Times reports the Congressional Budget Office projected the private care cost to reach up to $50 billion annually.

The Senate Armed Services Committee also hopes to present its draft defense authorization bill before the Senate floor in the coming weeks after the House approved its version of that legislation, the report says.

Shane writes the Senate Appropriations Committee is also set to mark up its version of the appropriations bills after July 17 following the House’s approval of a $570 billion defense spending proposal.

Legislators are also reviewing the White House’s draft overseas contingency budget plan requesting for nearly $66 billion in funding for the 2015 fiscal year, Military Times reports.

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