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Robert Work: Pentagon to Use Counterterrorism Fund to Buy Special Ops Tech

Robert O. Work
Robert O. Work

Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work told House Budget Committee members Thursday that a $5 billion counterterrorism fund could help the Pentagon acquire technology for special operations forces, Defense News reported Thursday.

“We have requested the flexibility to buy intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assets that would directly support our partners, increase rotary-wing support for SOF [special operations forces] and maritime support to SOF partners,” Work testified before the House Budget Committee.

“These were specifically designed for partner nation efforts,” he added, according to Defense News.

Marcus Weisgerber reports that lawmakers at the panel hearing said the Obama administration offered little detail about the scope of its proposed anti-terror partnership fund.

The House Budget Committee also used the hearing to discuss the Pentagon’s $58.6 billion funding request for overseas contingency operations account.

Weisgerber writes that the Pentagon has used the OCO budget since 2006 to support combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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