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Adm. Michael Rogers Wants Trained Forces, Joint Network for Cyber Command

Navy Adm. Michael Rogers
Adm. Michael Rogers

Navy Adm. Michael Rogers, head of U.S. Cyber Command, has outlined his priorities for the organization as it seeks to fulfill new requirements, GovInfoSecurity reported Thursday.

Rogers said he wants the Cyber Command to have its forces trained, build situational awareness tools, develop command-and-control approaches, establish a joint network and implement policies to execute missions, Eric Chabrow reports.

Rogers intends to offer cyber personnel with the same level of training that the other forces get, according to the report.

He also wants to consolidate the Defense Information Systems Agency networks into the other military services through a single command, GovInfoSecurity reports.

Army Col. Gregory Conti told GovInfoSecurity that he believes cyber could become another military branch in addition to the Air Force, Army and Navy.

“Now that we have champions in the force that get it, that understand the problems, and are backed up by the real-world headlines every day, a lot of the requisite cultural change that’s required is taking place,” Conti told the publication.

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