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Chuck Hagel: US Strategic Interests Focused on People, Capabilities and Int’l Partnerships

Chuck H
Chuck Hagel

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel discussed the U.S. government’s efforts to bolster relations in Asia Pacific and other regions as well as the capabilities of partner nations during a recent meeting with the U.S. European Command.

Army Sgt. Tyrone Marshall Jr. reports Thursday that Hagel indicated these activities as relevant to U.S. interests as he and other government officials plan further trips abroad to address shared issues such as stability and security.

“We’re living at one of these not just unprecedented and historic times, but interconnected, complicated times that require all of us to view what we’re doing in a larger framework of responsibilities,” Hagel said.

He added that the visits to countries like India, Australia and the Philippines are also intended to establish partnerships and leverage other opportunities in people and capabilities development.

“No institution can succeed or be what it can be without quality people . . . [and] we need to assure you that you’ll have the capabilities that are required to stay ahead.”

He highlighted joint exercises and rotational U.S. presence in foreign bases as measures to expand partner capabilities, as all countries essentially share the same opportunities and threats.

“[What] you do every day in our military, in our national security apparatus, is not the only a building block, but it’s a very important foundational piece of assuring that stability and security in the world,” Hagel said.

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