Craig Brower: NGA Eyes Single GEOINT Platform Through ‘Map of the World’

mapThe National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is working with BAE Systems to develop a “map of the world” that contains geographic-based intelligence and integrates many types of information from sources in the intelligence community, Defense Systems reported Monday.

NGA wants to leverage navigation data sets, GEOINT and imagery to deliver a “common frame of reference throughout the IC” as part of the agency’s 2018 Future State Vision, Greg Slabodkin reports.

“They’re trying to get out of a lot of the stovepipes and disjointed databases and get things all together in one common place,” said Craig Brower, NGA account manager at BAE’s intelligence and security segment.

BAE won a $335 million contract in July to help NGA collect, organize and utilize the data sets for the map of the world.

“[As] of August [2014] we’ve achieved our first major milestone of getting 12 disparate content views alive, put out there, active and being served out,” said Mike Weingord, NGA’s content management office director.

The agency will build the “map of the world” to display data from NGA, the Defense Department, other IC agencies and U.S. allies to facilitate information sharing in support of the cloud-based Intelligence Community Information Technology Enterprise program, the report said.

Slabodkin reports that information from the map is intended to aid mission planning and situational awareness activities.

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