David Bennett: DISA to Explore Commercial Cloud Transition Options

David Bennett
David Bennett

The Defense Information Systems Agency is examining every option to move its applications into a commercial cloud environment, Fedscoop reported Wednesday.

David Bennett, chief information officer of DISA, said in an industry forecast that his team is focusing on infrastructure-as-a-service model in an effort to extend the current data security levels for products, Greg Otto reports.

“As we look at this cloud security model, we’re going to look to put a vehicle in place that will give us stability to host not only levels 1 and 2, which house publicly releasable information, but levels 3, 4, and 5, unclassified but sensitive information,” Bennett said.

He added that DISA intends to transition personally identifiable information and health information to a commercial facility and keep a full view of that cloud platform, according to the report.

Bennett also told industry that DISA is also eyeing unified systems for managing voice, video and other data services within an integrated network, FedScoop reports.

Jessie Showers, vice director of network services at DISA, said the agency plans to migrate to an Internet Protocol network before the end of 2016 and replace its legacy video service with a global video system in November, the report says.

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