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Dawn Leaf: Labor Dept Updating IT Infrastructure, Governance Framework

cybersecurityDawn Leaf, deputy chief information officer at the Labor Department, has said that initiatives are under way to modernize and consolidate the agency’s information technology systems, Federal News Radio reported Tuesday.

Jason Miller writes that although IT budget at the agency has remained stagnant since 2010, the department is looking for ways to manage infrastructure modernization programs.

“IT can be a game changer for DoL because our people do what they can with the tools they have, but there is tremendous potential to use IT to improve how our staff and all of our agencies are able to perform,” Leaf told the radio station.

DoL has asked Congress for $30.5 million in IT funding in its fiscal 2015 budget request, according to the station.

Miller reports that $4.8 million would be spent on the department’s Digital Government Integrated Platform for data sharing and mobile computing applications.

The agency requested $4.9 million to support existing platforms and $20.8 million for data center and system consolidation projects, Miller writes.

Leaf told the station that she implemented a new system for evaluating technical and financial aspects of the entire software development life cycle.

DoL also formed committees to oversee enterprise IT implementations, review acquisition programs and plan technology investments, according to the station.

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