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DISA’s Jack Wilmer: Agency Challenged by Shift to Cybersecurity Analytic Cloud Model

CyberStockJack Wilmer, Defense Information Systems Agency’s deputy chief technology officer for enterprise services, has outlined issues the agency is facing as it transitions to a cybersecurity analytic cloud model, Federal Times reported Friday.

Wilmer told Federal Times’ Amber Corrin that DISA aims to focus on its role to help maintain cybersecurity by working with defense officials and use big data analytics tools to monitor the network.

DISA’s Cybersecurity Situational Awareness Analytic Cloud program works to gather data about events and activities within the defense enterprise network, according to the report.

Wilmer said DISA intends for CSAAC to collect information from the Internet access points, sensors and servers in order to fuse the information and analyze those pieces of data, the report says.

“The ability to bring the analytics together — the logs from applications tied in with network defenses, etc. — and then run the analytics across that allows you to really understand and have a better picture of what’s really going on and what folks are trying to do as it pertains to our network,” Wilmer told Corrin.

Wilmer said the agency is working to address challenges in its transition to CSAAC such as how to bolster DISA’s cybersecurity posture, Federal Times reports.

DISA also plans to consolidate the agency’s and U.S. military’s operations centers in order to gain full visibility into information for all missions, Wilmer told Corrin.

Federal Times reports DISA is also eyeing the integration of its data feeds into the commercial cloud environment while implementing a level of visibility to defense the infrastructure.

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