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DOT CIO Richard McKinney Engages Agency Staff in Cyber Initiative

Richard McKinney
Richard McKinney

Richard McKinney, the Transportation Department‘s chief information officer, discussed how the agency worked to bolster cybersecurity during a speech Wednesday at the Federal Forum in Washington, FCW reported Wednesday.

Colby Hochmuth writes that McKinney and DOT Chief Information Security Officer Joe Albough collaborated with consulting firm Mischel Kwon and Associates to review the agency’s cyber posture.

McKinney discovered that agency employees were hesitant to engage in security measures, so he made cyber tools use mandatory across the department, according to FCW.

“This quest to be bulletproof isn’t the right way to approach cybersecurity,” told his audience.

“The right way to approach cybersecurity is thinking about how quick you respond, how agile you are, how quick do you share information about incidents and penetrations. It’s more about how you operate day to day to day,” he added, according to FCW.

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