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GAO: Many Agencies Fall Short in Contractor Performance Reporting

GAOA new Government Accountability Office report says agencies generally have increased their efforts to monitor and document the performance of contractors over the past year.

However, most of them fell short in meeting the Office of Federal Procurement Policy‘s benchmark for submitting timely and accurate contractor performance reports, the GAO said Thursday.

GAO found that compliance rates at the top 10 contracting agencies as of April 2014 ranged between 13 percent and 83 percent.

An OFPP official cited workforce shortage and work prioritization as key factors hindering agencies’ compliance efforts, according to GAO.

The office has developed government-wide guidelines and implemented a compliance tracking platform to help increase the number of contractor performance submissions by agencies, the report states.

OFPP also collaborated with the Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council to develop evaluation and accountability standards as well as timeframes for industry to provide feedback on agencies’ contractor performance data.

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