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NIST Wants Feedback from Cybersecurity Framework Industry Users

cybersecurityThe National Institute of Standards and Technology is seeking feedback from industry users of its voluntary cybersecurity framework following that framework’s release in February.

NIST intends to incorporate industry responses into its plan to develop tools and resources for organizations to implement the cybersecurity framework, the agency said Friday.

“We want to hear from all stakeholders to understand how they’ve used the framework, how it’s been helpful, and where challenges may lie,” said Adam Sedgewick, a senior policy analyst for NIST.

The feedback will also inform the Department of Homeland Security’s cyber discussion in a workshop on Oct. 29 and 30 in Tampa, Florida, NIST says.

The comment period closes in 45 days following publication of the request on the Federal Register and NIST also seeks input on its roadmap to outline future versions of the framework.

NIST worked with industry for one year to develop the first version of the voluntary framework for improving critical infrastructure cybersecurity.

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