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NSF Gives Out $20M for Cloud Testbeds Development

cloudThe National Science Foundation has awarded $20 million in funding for two univesity-led projects to build infrastructure where researchers can experiment with cloud systems and applications.

Both teams are led by academic researchers who have previous experience implementing cloud technology and they will work to design testbeds that employ “bare-metal access” features, NSF said Thursday.

Chameleon will have 650 computing nodes and 5 petabytes of storage capacity, according to NSF.

It will be co-located at the University of Chicago and University of Texas-Austin.

“Like its namesake, the Chameleon testbed will be able to adapt itself to a wide range of experimental needs, from bare metal reconfiguration to support for ready made clouds,” said Kate Keahey, a University of Chicago scientist and principal investigator for Chameleon.

NSF says CloudLab will be a distributed infrastructure with 15,000 processing cores and more than 1-petabyte storage space.

The testbed will be based at the University of Utah, University of Wisconsin and Clemson University.

“CloudLab will help researchers develop clouds that enable new applications with direct benefit to the public in areas of national priority such as real-time disaster response or the security of private data like medical records,” said Robert Ricci, a University of Utah assistant professor and principal investigator for CloudLab.

Industry partners on the project include Cisco, Dell, HP, and Raytheon BBN Technologies.

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