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OMB: FY 2015 Budget Caps Insufficient for Pentagon, DOE, FBI

budget analysis reviewThe Office of Management and Budget has called on Congress to finalize the fiscal year 2015 budget for the FBI and Defense Department in order for those agencies to meet required budget caps, Federal News Radio reported Wednesday.

Jason Miller writes the FBI, Pentagon and Energy Department would have to cut an additional $34 million from their non-mandatory spending in order to comply with caps set for fiscal year 2015.

OMB stated in its annual report to Congress that appropriations within the Budget Control Act cap levels in 2015 are inadequate for “national security, domestic investments, and the core government functions,” according to the report.

The House’s versions of the appropriations bills set spending at $11 million below the budget cap for defense agencies, the station reports.

Miller also writes the House bills’ non-defense discretionary spending level is $4.6 billion under the fiscal 2015 budget cap while the Senate bills’ sets the level at $3.7 billion below the cap.

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